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Seeds - Larkspur

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Here's an improved product post for your larkspur flower seeds:

🌼 Double-Flowering Larkspur Seeds - A Symphony of Color! Packet = 150 seeds 🌼

Dress your garden in a vibrant tapestry of colors, ranging from enchanting dark purples to pristine whites and delicate pinks. Our premium double-flowering larkspur seeds are a must-have for any flower lover. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, we offer these exquisite seeds in two convenient sizes:

🌱 Single Packet: Perfect for trying your hand at larkspur gardening or adding a splash of elegance to your garden. Each packet contains 150 seeds. 

🌱 1,000 Seed Packet: Designed for our fellow larkspur enthusiasts, this generous packet ensures that your garden becomes a lush haven of larkspur beauty.

🌟 Perennial Blooms from Annuals: While larkspurs are known as annuals, they hold a delightful secret. Allow them to go to seed, and you'll be rewarded with year after year of breathtaking blooms.

📏 Impressive Height: Watch your larkspur reach for the sky, with heights ranging from 36 to 48 inches. These tall stems are sure to add vertical interest and drama to your garden.

🌱 Easy Growing Tips:

  • Planting: Directly sow the seeds into your garden in the fall by making a small 1/4" deep trench and then covering seed, they need darkness to germinate.  As winter settles in, watch for small sprouts that will gradually double in size each week, promising a spectacular display come mid-spring.

  • Water-wise Beauty: Larkspur is remarkably drought-tolerant, requiring minimal supplemental watering. It's the perfect choice for low-maintenance gardeners and those who appreciate the resilience of nature.

☀️ Sunlight Lovers: While larkspur thrives in full sun, it's versatile enough to handle a bit of light shade. This flexibility makes it a versatile addition to gardens of all types.

🚚 Free Shipping on Orders Over $50: To sweeten the deal, we offer free shipping on orders exceeding $50. It's our way of helping you grow the garden of your dreams without breaking the bank.