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🌸 Stock Flower Seeds - Elevate Your Garden with Fragrant Blooms! Packet = 125 seeds🌸

Introducing our exquisite Stock Flower Seeds, your ticket to elevating your garden with fragrant, captivating blooms. These seeds promise to infuse your outdoor oasis with beauty and aroma. Here's what makes them a must-have:

🌱 Floral Elegance:

  • Variety: Our Stock flower seeds offer a stunning mix of colors.
  • Aroma: Immerse yourself in the sweet, spicy, and clove-like fragrance that Stock flowers are known for.

🌿 Graceful Foliage: Complementing their enchanting blossoms, Stock flowers also boast graceful foliage that adds texture and depth to your garden.

🌱 Perfect Packet Size: Each packet contains a generous 125 seeds, providing you with ample opportunities to create a blooming paradise.

🌟 Annual Wonders: Stock flowers are beloved annuals, bringing a burst of color and fragrance to your garden every year. 

📏 Ideal Garden Height: These charming flowers typically reach a height of 18 to 24 inches, making them perfect for borders, containers, or cut flower arrangements.

🌱 Simple Growing Tips:

  • Planting: While most professional growers start Stock indoors in early Spring, they can be successfully sown directly into the garden, 1/4" deep after our last frost.
  • Continuous Blooms: By planting at different times, you can enjoy a continuous display of fragrant flowers all Spring.

☀️ Sun-Kissed Blooms: Stock flowers thrive in full sun, basking in the warm rays to produce their vibrant and fragrant blossoms.

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