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Our Story

We are Farming Florists in Godley, Texas and here's our story: 

Me and my fiancé Jeff followed the very traditional route of finishing our college educations and then stepping into the very fast paced world of business. He helped entrepreneurs get started by being a freelance Operations Research Analyst  and I was the Director of Sales for a company based out of Austin. After about a year we both found ourselves missing each other, home and the time that just seemed to be flying by. We decided to both quit our jobs, finally move full time into the little cabin that Jeff had built us on 11 acres in Godley, Tx. and took the plunge into what I had always thought was a far fetched dream of being full-time Flower Farmers.

 Now we're learning every day about ways to be more sustainable in the very hardcore world of Farming. As of right now we are a No-Till farm that uses only Organic products and is constantly striving to make less of an impact on this beautiful world we live in. We hope you love our flowers as much as we do and we'd love to hear from you if you'd like to shoot us an email or leave a comment below.