We would love to grow your wedding flowers for you while making the entire process an experience to remember. 

What the process of being a B.Blumen Bride looks like:


-First we we will meet at the farm to talk about the style, theme and feel you would like your wedding to have, followed by walking through varieties of flowers and filler that we could grow for you out here on the farm.

    -We then purchase the seed and plant your wedding flowers in their own area in our fields. I know what you're wondering and yes of course you're welcome to come out and visit your flowers throughout the growing season.

      -Being one of our Brides also means that you're welcome to come out and do your Bridal Shoot at the farm with your flowers before the big day no charge. 

        -Lastly, we will make sure your wedding day is everything you've ever hoped it would be with memories associated with every flower. A gift from us to you will be a seed packet filled with a mix of the flowers used for your wedding so that you can grow them in your garden and always remember your perfect day. 



        Kim Wyatt


          "Robin and Jeff were fantastic to work with and went above and beyond on the day of the wedding to ensure that the set-up, transfer, and tear-down of the floral went off without a hitch. . Their bouquets, swags & centerpieces were exquisite, and their planning and execution throughout the entire process was suberb."


          "When the day came, she delivered the flowers to the venue and I’m glad I didn’t have my make up on yet because I cried they were so gorgeous and perfect! She added things I had never though of like flower crowns for our girls! The flowers literally just put the entire day together. There were so many compliments on how beautiful the flowers were. I'm so happy we went with B. Blumen! "


          Tammy Q.

          "I love telling this flower story because it starts with seeds and ends with beautiful flowers.

          From picking the type of flowers, to planting them, to taking the bridal shoot in the flowers, it was a true fairytale experience. The day of the wedding Robin And Jeff worked tirelessly to make it perfect and it was exactly that.

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